Top 4 Golf Outing Moments



Chris reflects back on his Top 4 memorable moments from the previous Power Forward to Save Lives Charity Golf Outings.



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    1. 1. Blowing the driver head off his driver last year when he connected on a long drive. Thankfully he was able to borrow one to finish the round!





2.The Senor Frogs mask made a special appearance! Mask and all, our golfer hit a long, straight drive down the fairway.







3. OOPS! One guy lost his club in the water when it slipped out of his hands while striking the ball.








4. Watching Maurice Allen, the Guinness Book of World Records Holder for the Longest Drive in history, drive the ball over 400 yards. Amazing.







Join Chris on September 9th at the Hasentree Club in Wake Forest, NC for his 5th Annual Power Forward to Save Lives Charity Golf Outing.

Let’s make some more memorable moments!














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