From NBA to Entrepreneurship

Meet Chris Wilcox

Business leader, family man,
& former professional athlete

NBA Career

Starting in 2002 as an NBA first round draft pick from the University of Maryland Terrapins, Chris Wilcox was known for his enthusiasm, critical thinking, athleticism, toughness, and intelligence.


Chris desired more and had the capacity to take on more, which made the pivot from the NBA to business leadership organic, instantaneous, and expected.

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Entrepreneurial Journey

Chris has harmoniously combined his entrepreneurial pursuits by perfectly tying-in the things he is most passionate about: first, providing for his family, and second, having his businesses be a part of the bigger and greater cause of helping people. His ventures and approach for doing good and fair business unites others, requires critical thinking and problem-solving, and takes innovation and discernment to satisfy so many emerging needs.


Chris and his family advocate for those who are not yet able to advocate for themselves. He does this through the design and creation of multiple entities, such as Wilcox Ventures LLC, the parent company of several of his businesses and philanthropic organizations. 

A unique approach to teaching and cultivating youth by having them identify their strengths, celebrate them, and then share these strengths as contributions to the world.

An innovative distribution provider of medical supplies, PPE, and drug testing products for companies dedicated to health, wholeness, and access for all people.

Concrete Solutions is a commercial, industrial, and residential concrete contractor serving Eastern NC and regularly travels out of state for our clients.

Wilcox Family Foundation

Designed to cultivate an array of resources to the community to educate, empower, and equip.


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